News - Aussie Teen Sailor V the World

News - Aussie Teen Sailor V the World

Sailors appear to be getting younger and older these days.

Take Jessica Watson (15), the sprightly Aussie girl about to take on the world and her male compatriots.

The young gun recently sailed to Tasmania on the cat Big Wave Rider with experienced short-handed sailor Bruce Arms before taking off to New Zealand for a voyage into the deep Southern Ocean on an expedition vessel.

Next she wings it to Hawaii for a delivery to Los Angeles aboard the 68-footer Ragtime. After which the young salt should be up to speed for a tilt at the prestigious youngest-round-the-world sailing title beginning November this year.

Should she be successful, Watson will be a year younger than record holder Jesse Martin, who remains the youngest non-stop unassisted circumnavigator. Martin, an unstoppable adventurer, set that record in 1999 when he was 18 years of age.

David Dicks was a few months younger than Martin but his was an assisted non-stop record set in 1996.

Like her Aussie predecessors, Watson aims to set sail in an S&S 34 yacht.

Jessica v Jesse. One to watch.

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