Kart-It beats a marina trolley

Kart-It beats a marina trolley

Kart It Pty Ltd has launched a new collapsible trolley ideal for use on boats of all types and sizes called, what else, Kart-It.

Kart-It is described as a simple and light yet robust trolley with a collapsible V-shaped frame on two wheels. It features a deep, sturdy canvas bag for toting bulky and heavy gear or items up to 60kg (medium Kart) and 100kg (large Kart) — the equivalent to a small outboard and a four-man liferaft.

The trolley is said to collapse flat for storage in a car boot or onboard and the wheels are removable to make it more compact.

Kart-It should make the mid-week twilight run from the car to the boat a pleasure, with race crews carrying a whole wardrobe in one trip to the pontoon. And forget hunting for that elusive marina trolley.

The two models of the Kart-It trolley are available with either a powder-coated or a 316 stainless steel frame. Prices start from $295. Options include rain covers, shopping bag inserts and branding.

For more info, visit www.kart-it.com