Our Haines V19R project with the newly fitted 200hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 HO outboard motor.

Haines V19R | 200hp Evinrude Etec

Outboard motor technology is progressing in leaps and bounds, with all marine engine manufacturers these days eagerly re-inventing the wheel with amazing progression.

For many, this new world order is dominated by four-stroke outboard technology, particularly when lightweight offerings providing exceptional power-to-weight ratios, miserly fuel usage and whisper-quiet performance.

We were especially delighted with the magnificent Yamaha F200G previously fitted to our Haines V19R project boat — since re-named the Nautek N19R, given how much work was done by Nautek Marine Services.

Nonetheless, two-stroke outboard motors remain relevant among today’s offerings – especially direct-injection models, with Evinrude E-TEC outboards a frontrunner in this race.


Project boat gets its second outboard

The purpose of a project boat is to evaluate products and technology in a realistic working environment. Our Haines V19R project boat was found as a destitute shell on the side of the road was restored from the ground up. Check out everything we’ve done so far on this restoration.

As mentioned, the Haines V19R served us well with a Yamaha outboard. Now it was time to try a different outboard motor: a 200 hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 HO.

The BRP team invited us to their Sydney-base Technology Centre for the fit up of a brand new E-TEC G2 200HP HO outboard motor.

The Technology Centre is a knowledge base where BRP and Evinrude dealers from all over Australasia visit to learn about the company’s innovation and how to service and maintain the products.

This ensures BRP customers are met by highly qualified mechanics, allowing them to service their machinery with ability and efficiency.



I did have concerns regarding all that weight on a hull that was originally only rated to 150hp, but the modifications constructed by the amply-qualified shipwrights at Nautek Marine ensured that we could extend the outboard rating to meet this new-generation high performance 200.

But here’s a tip for those doing backyard modifications to their hulls. Please check that your insurance will cover increased horsepower, along with any modifications performed by unqualified labour. On specification, the new V6 Evinrude E-TEC 200hp HO (High Output) outboard weighs in at 253kg (dry) plus its inbuilt 7.6lt oil reservoir and a 3.4lt powerhead.

This is in comparison to the previous Yamaha F200G four-cylinder four-stroke outboard engine at 223kg (dry) plus 4.5lt of oil in sump and a 2.8lt block. The integrated oil reservoir makes fit up and re-power easy, however an external oil reservoir is also available as an option.


E-TEC fitout

Our Evinrude technician Michael Nguyen spoke regularly about a few basic concerns before we towed the Haines V19R from Melbourne. Firstly, there was the steering. A revelation for me was to learn the new E-TEC outboard has Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) fitted into the engine’s mounting and tilt bracket — eliminating control rams inside the transom.

The original Ultraflex hydraulic helm unit was suitable for the new Evinrude as it runs at 1000psi, but the hoses need to be longer to extend into the tilt bracket. As these hoses are run inside the composite cabling, there were two holes in the engine well that needed to be blanked off where the through-wall fittings used to go. A couple of 20mm plastic plugs Sikaflex’d into the original fittings made her presentable.

E-TEC’s unique (and very neat) plumbing system eliminated all of the loose hoses and wires generally found littering an outboard bracket or well. Two steering hoses, battery cables and engine cables are all encased in one shrouded tube, making the fit up as simple and as neat as any in history.

The electronic throttle and gear selection control system uses a dedicated CANbus remote control network, or ‘private’ network. For added safety, information is also shared on a NMEA 2000 network as backup.

There is only one engine cable and one “public” cable for all of the functions, controls and diagnostics – no more sloppy throttle and gearbox cables with their associated long term stretch and such a clean fit-out.

Next came cut-outs for the flush-mounted handset and 150mm touchscreen control and diagnostic unit on the dashboard. Evinrude offer a choice of three multifunction screens, or the option of iCommand gauges.

We are still learning the endless variety of engine control and diagnostic functions on the touchscreen, but the display and menu system seem easier to navigate than many competitors.

Here’s what we found: the fully integrated system not only gives you touch-control of steering tension, it also has a fully automatic trim control which works beautifully.

The auto trim can be switched off underway by hitting the switch to manual, but we found the automatic setting worked well, trimming the boat beautifully from a standing start right through to WOT.

While we haven’t had the unit under full test conditions, it seems the boat will trim down safely at high speeds and I’d estimate a few more knots could be gained by trimming the engine higher manually, but this makes for a flighty ride.


Handling and ride

The new E-TECs with the power steering option have a slightly thicker mounting mechanism, placing the drive 60mm further back from the transom than is traditional. This has the same effect as mounting the unit on a pod or jacking plate, therefore the engine must be mounted higher on
the transom. In this case, the cavitation plate is mounted around 100mm above the transom line (which is about 80mm higher than a standard fit up).

The result is that the Evinrude E-TEC 200hp HO G2 now produces excellent bite when combined with the new RX4 four-bladed 18in stainless steel propeller. The RX4 also has easily-adjustable venting for optimum performance, so we’ll have a good play with these under controlled conditions soon.

The G2 Evinrude E-TEC 200hp HO also has a full battery management system built in, cutting the cost of aftermarket supply and keeping all of the operating features under one supplier.

We also loved the practicality and simplicity of having a visible header tank for the gearbox oil, which should allow early detection of any water ingress into the gearcase should you experience a failure.



With more than 800 colour and decal combos available as ‘swap-and-choose’ side panels, we were able to find a combo that matched our hull nicely.

BRP tell us that the new Evinrude E-TEC 200hp HO G2 powerhead is the first two-stroke outboard block that has been specifically designed for direct fuel injection, allowing a whopping 15 per cent better fuel economy, 20 per cent more torque and 5 per cent fewer total regulated emissions than four-stroke competition.

Our first trials seem to substantiate these claims, but we will again put it through a controlled series of trials after the initial run-in period.

BRP also claim 20 per cent better torque than every engine in the class.

I can report that if you get the pleasure of having a test run you’d better just get in, sit down, brace yourself and shut-up, as you’ll be promptly dumped on your butt by the immediate performance of the  big bad ‘Rude Boy’.


Evinrude E-TEC G2 200 HO outboard motor specs

TYPE V6 74° D.I.


BORE X STROKE 3.854 x 3.000



WOT 5400-6000rpm

WEIGHT 253kg

STEERING Integrated hydraulic power steering


RECOMMENDED OIL Evinrude/Johnson XD-100


WARRANTY 3+2 years

COMPLIANCE EPA2013, Carb 3 Star, European Union



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