V19R project boat on trailer

Haines V19R Boat: 2014 Review

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see an old Haines V19R on the side of the road? Turn it into a project boat, what else? After doing exactly that, we hauled the old hull into the TrailerBoat office where we planned how to go about the project.


Our project boat is based in Victoria so our first stopover was Frank Natoli’s house, for the wave breaker. Frankie is a well-respected fisherman from Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, where he runs his cabinet making and joinery business.

The prototype was built from cheap 8mm craft wood to get the shape right. We quickly found that this was one of the most difficult decisions of the whole project, given that there’s 25cm in height difference between the boss and our field editor. The wavebreaker was eventually built with a spray deflector to a height that could be trimmed if necessary.


And so the plan unfolded and evolved. The new transom incorporates a full-height livebait tank on the port side, a baitwell and tackle locker on the starboard and room under the well for twin batteries, a big bilge pump with float switch and all of the other plumbing and electrical accessories tucked neatly away.

This is not an exaggeration when we say that the transom looked like it had been used for target practice, it had that many holes in it.


The underfloor fuel tank was cut out and replaced with a new, larger unit as well as some wet box storage and a reasonable sump. The full-length side pockets were retained for even more storage and the entire helm and dashboard completely modified to fit a large array of Raymarine electronics. The small area under the dash was modified to provide dry storage as well as internal access for servicing the Lone Star G3 1400D electric anchor winch. This monster is arguably overkill for our needs, but we’re probably compensating for something.


Our friends at Queensland’s Coastal Trailers were on the spot with a new tandem-axle, drive-on trailer to replace the well-worn original Tinka and various other partners volunteered goods for the project. Indeed, the trailer is often the most overlooked part of a boat - after all, if the trailer isn't up to scratch, you might not get to the ramp.

Over the next parts months we will take you through the entire build, including the people, the materials, the methods and the equipment.


She’s been called many names along the way, some in admiration (and unrepeatable), yet finally she was named the Nautek N19R and had her debut as a camera platform for the Australia’s Greatest Trailer Boats competition on the Gold Coast.

Now proudly wearing a brand new Yamaha F200G, featuring Digital Throttle and a high-def five-inch display, this beauty was fitted by Melbourne’s MY Marine. It’s the all-new lightweight four-cylinder muscle machine with fly-by-wire controls and let me tell you, it has rocked our world already.

Our N19R is still a bit of a blank slate, but will also be fitted with custom rod holders, baitboards, rocket launchers, canvas and plenty of nautical bling. Then she’ll be coming to a fishing hole near you for plenty of adventures before finally becoming a competition prize. Stay tuned and look out for her on the water or on the road. You won’t mistake her presence with the striking canary yellow spray job, either. See you in the wet bit with our new Nautek N19R.