We’re gluttons for punishment at TrailerBoat

. We take great delight in putting ourselves, and those who embark on these crazy journeys with us, under enormous pressure. Why else would we indulge in not one, but two, major boat fit-outs at the same time?

The boat in questions are our inshore sportfisher giveaway, the SuperNova, and our V-19 rebuild, affectionately known as Steve Austin (at least until someone throws up a better name that I can actually print).

These projects take time and immense skill, two attributes I seem to possess very little of, and as such we have engaged the services of experts (who we can blame if it all goes pear shaped). Once word leaks that we have something on the boil, we then run the gauntlet of manufacturers, distributors and backyard tinkerers who are eager to be part of our shenanigans.

We’re lucky in our industry that the lion’s share of those involved in it actually love boats and, when not playing in their own rigs, are very willing to cast their opinions over the handiwork of others.

They’re also incredibly generous; not just in product, which makes sound business sense, but rather with their time and expertise. These guys and gals are on call virtually 24/7, and if they’re not physically on the case, we’re hassling them at ungodly hours via Skype, text and jungle drums whenever another hairbrained idea comes to the surface.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce our partners on the two projects. We’ll delve into more detail in future issues as we install, test and occasionaly break the gear they’ve so generously supplied, and you can follow all the action in our fortnightly video grabs on


HULL: Clearwater by Whittley Marine. Alan Whittley has generously donated his time, not to mention one fine hull, to this project while still running the family business with dad, Neville, all while working on expanding their retail arm.

MAIN MOTOR: Yamaha’s vaunted 70hp four-stroke outboard provides the principle thrust for SuperNova. National Marine marketing manager Grant Binskin and technical guru Glenn Gibson had their hands up even before we had a boat.

TRAILER: Mackay Trailers’ wares are arguably the finest on the market today. The man at the helm, Kevin Nestadt, brings an enormous depth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the project. He’s also a perfectionist, so we’re all on notice.

ELECTRONICS: Navico Australia’s Laura Kissin had her plate full long before we troubled her. The current series of sounders, GPS units and accessories have struck a chord with recreational anglers everywhere, and the march shows no signs of abating.

TROLLING MOTOR: Watersnake by Jarvis Walker has made huge inroads into the trolling motor scene, and their fuss-free nature and excellent value has seen market share explode. Jarvis Walker’s Dan Tillack is our liaison and he is as switched on as with angling as he is
with tackle.


BRAINS TRUST: Nautek Marine provides the glue (literally) that holds this project together. Michael “Fitzy” Fitzallen brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge. Admittedly, we tend to ignore his advice most of the time, yet that’s to our detriment. He’s cool, he’s calm, he’s collected, and we aim to change all that.

HULL: A neglected Haines Hunter V19R that will be rebuilt from the hull up. Thanks to John Haines Senior for the raw material. We hope to do it justice.

ENGINE: National Marine marketing manager Grant Binskin and technical guru Glenn Gibson thought they’d done their fair whack, and then this beast came along. A brand new F200F has just hit the dock and is on its way.

TRAILER: Oceanic Trailers might not be as well-known as other household names, but are a study in efficient design.

ELECTRONICS: Raymarine’s Liza Sticpewich must be kicking herself that she ever uttered the words, “Just tell us what you’d like”. I did, and blow me down, she agreed to it all. We’ll actually be running three head units on this rig for a total of 75cm of screen space.

BITS AND PIECES: Fit-out components are courtesy of Dave Allen of Sam Allen Wholesale. Dave loves technology and judging by his rig, which I have had the good fortune to spend some time in, he knows his stuff. Glad to have him on board.

So that’s about it for now. There’s loads more opportunities waiting in the wings, and lots of toys we’d like to see added to the inventory. Join us for the ride and remember, both of these rigs will be going to lucky readers once they prise them from our cold dead hands.

Originally published in TrailerBoat #293, April 2013.