We love playing with cool stuff, but we don’t mind sharing. So how do we get our hands on all of the good gear without wiping out the beer budget? Simple; we leave our self-respect at the door and learn to grovel, beg and coerce. And if all else fails, we drag out the collection of never-before-seen Christmas party photos and resort to blackmail.

To be honest, though, whenever we plan one of these giveaways the problem is never sourcing enough product, but rather managing the volume of manufacturers and distributors keen to join us for the ride.


We recently waved goodbye to our last major prize giveaway, the Gulf to Gulf pack, which was made up of a Toyota LandCruiser, campertrailer and cartopper tinnie. And before that it was Bazziru, a tricked-up, pimped-out tinnie that became the temporary lovechild of our former editor and cameraman extraordinaire, Barry Ashenhurst.

Having set a high bar, we were keen on delivering once again, so the brief was drawn in earnest, well in Oakleigh, actually, but who’s nit-picking?

We decided that since we already have a long-term offshore-focused project boat up our sleeves, the new rig needed to stalk the intertidal zone, estuaries, lakes and sheltered bays. The package had to be affordable, and easy to stow and store. And since its primary role would be as an inshore lure casting platform, the rig needed to be stable at rest, present a minimal profile to the wind and float in a puddle.

I am happy to report we have delivered and put together a nimble sportfishing platform that will go to one lucky reader in September 2013. It’s time to introduce our partners in crime.


Clearwater may not be a household name, but its parent company, Whitley Marine, certainly is. The Clearwater AL (aluminium) fleet is produced in Asia to stringent local criteria. Having recently introduced an aluminium sportfishing range to its line-up, the manufacturer was keen for us at Trailerboat to get our hands on it. We did, and subsequently refused to give it back.

The Clearwater 475 Nova SCS is the first 475 side console variant produced by Clearwater, and subsequent models may yet be subject to modifications based upon our upcoming sea trials and installations. Yep, we’re guinea pigs again.

The 475’s exterior lines might seem familiar, but its hull is simple and true. With its vee-nose entry and moderate deadrise, this is no big bar bruiser; it’s more suited to the cut-and-thrust of lure flicking, squid jiggling and fly flinging.


The power for Project SuperNova comes courtesy of Yamaha’s lightweight F70A four-stroke outboard. This motor has been a hit since its introduction and fills a unique segment on the local boating landscape.

In longshaft form, the F70A weighs in at a mere 119kg and should prove to be an ideal complement to the similarly svelte 475 Nova SCS. In testing, we’ve experienced this engine on a range of hulls over the last 12 months, including several sub-5m fibreglass cuddies that would’ve tipped the scales at twice the weight of this one.

But this will be more than just a quickie. We’ll be working closely with Yamaha’s technical team, headed up by Glenn Gibson, to optimise the final setup


When it came to SuperNova’s trailer, Mackay Trailers are preparing a customised MLKR 4750 with several bells and a not inconsiderable whistle thrown in for good measure. I can’t wait to pick it up next week.


Most of the minor fit-out and installation, including electronics, bow-mount electric, stereo and so forth, will be handled in-house by team TrailerBoat (but someone else will have to cut and drill holes because my probation officer won’t let me near pointy objects).

All of the mayhem will be captured in print and regular video and be distributed via the appropriate channels.

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Once completed, Project SuperNova will be teasing and tantalising sportfishos around the east coast as it embarks on a frantic road show that will take in as many of the major boats shows and bream tournaments as we can squeeze in.

The last hurrah will be at the Sydney International Boatshow on August 1-5, after which the prize will be drawn and the very lucky winner announced in September.

Originally published in TrailerBoat #292, March 2013.

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