The organisers behind the 2015 Gold Coast International Marine Expo say $50 million in sales were ma

Gold Coast International Marine Expo Sales Top $50 million

Feedback from Gold Coast International Marine Expo (GCIME) exhibitors points to strong economic results which continue to benefit businesses long after the four day event has concluded.

Emma Milne, Gold Coast International Marine Expo event and marketing manager, reported ongoing activity, which are said to translate to total confirmed sales in excess of $50 million.

“The true success of a major event like the Gold Coast International Marine Expo will be reflected for many months to come, because realistically, many people like to undertake research before committing to significant purchases,” she said.

“One smaller shipwright service business told us that, before Expo, they were faced with the prospect of laying people off but, now, they have eight months of forward orders already signed and the work is still coming in.”

Brett Thurley from Pacific Motor Yachts and Clipper Motor Yachts said that he could directly attribute the contracting of 10 new and pre-owned boats valued in excess of $4 million to the Expo.

“We also have ongoing discussions on four new Clipper models from the customer relationships commenced at Expo,” he said.

“Our conversions from deposits to completions was very high, but it’s probably more important to highlight the ongoing impact of the Gold Coast International Marine Expo in terms of jobs and opportunities.

“We contract 10-12 family-owned businesses and the flow-on effects will mean they can grow, pay their bills and employ more people – that’s the impact that really matters.”