Marine 15 conference on the Gold Coast

Marine 15 conference on the Gold Coast

Highly regarded business champions from the global boating industry, plus domestic economic and social commentators will provide a series of business-focused briefings at the Marine15 conference on the Gold Coast, Sunday May 3, 2015.

Here are some of the many marine industry specialists who will present at the Marine15 conference:


  • Bill Yeargin, CEO, Correct Craft
  • Matthew Hodson, John Crawford Marine
  • Julian Cavanagh, Aussie Car Loans
  • Savanth Sebastian, economist, Commonwealth Bank
  • Martyn Thomas, Managing Director, FRANk Media
  • Martin Grunstein, business motivator
  • And many more.


The key messages for the marine industry is to aim to inform, educate and inspire, leaving delegates with new advice, learnings and renewed drive.

BIAA general manager Nik Parker commented: “We’ve crafted a program for the boating business stream that will take boat dealers, brokers and retailers through a series of thought provoking sessions designed to improve their business. We’ll have three days packed with not-to-be-missed advice, guidance and insight: there’s a lot to listen to, learn from and take away at Marine15.” 

Marine15 sessions will explore the impact of Australia’s changing population demographics and changing economy, examine peoples’ choices when planning their leisure time and how they’re making purchase decisions, decipher sales performance metrics and explain how to make the most effective use of technology.

More sessions will look at the sales process, the manufacturer/dealer relationship, customer satisfaction and the importance of value-adding in generating a profit.

The full program including details of all pre and follow-on events is now available from the website at For further information, email