The new S-Band is a 30kW type approved S-Band radar from Simrad.

Simrad releases new ECDIS and radar

Marine electronics company Navico has unveiled two new Simrad products for professional mariners: a new ECDIS system and S-band radar.

Aimed at work boat, fishing vessel and passenger vessel applications, the Simrad E5000 ECDIS is a type approved electronic charting system, with installation and multiple customisation options. Navico developed it with the intention of providing users with an easy to use and cost effective ECDIS that enables fast and simple route planning and uncomplicated chart updates.

Unlike many other ECDIS systems, the Simrad E5000 enables operators to use two displays independently. Its processor incorporates a dedicated ECDIS display output for a type approved ECDIS navigation system, and a multifunction display (MFD) output port giving the flexibility of a traditional multifunction display for central bridge control. Users can control non-approved radar, sonar or MFD functions on one screen whilst looking at ECDIS ENC charts on the other.

The new Argus S-Band is a 30kW type approved S-Band radar with enhanced near range target detection, pre-wired plug and play installation and full integration with the current Argus X-Band radar.

Navico says it meets the latest performance standards of IMO and is ideally suited for vessels over 3000-tonnes (gross) that require an S-Band radar (3 GHz) as part of their carriage requirements.

The S-Band completes the Argus Radar portfolio and allows the Argus offering to reach more vessels. Simrad is currently the only manufacturer who can offer X-Band, S-Band and Broadband radar.

The company has also announced new lower pricing for the type-approved Argus X-band radar series.