The new MAN marine diesel engines are suitable for ferries, tugs, offshore boats and other work boat

New marine diesel engines from MAN

MAN Diesel & Turbo has unveiled the first version of its new high-speed marine diesel engine family.

 The 12-cylinder MAN 12V175D has been developed especially for marine industry use and will be offered with outputs from 1500 to 2200kW. It will be available to the first pilot customers from as early as 2015.

MAN says this marine diesel engine has been optimised for propelling ferries, offshore supply vessels, tugs and other work boats.

“The MAN 175D is compact, reliable and efficient – properties that are of essential importance for use on working vessels to allow safe manoeuvrability in the most challenging and roughest weather conditions,” said the Project Lead responsible for the MAN 175D, Dr. Matthias Schlipf.

“The business case behind it also has to be right for the customer. And this is where the engine sets standards in more than just fuel consumption. Our aspiration is to make the MAN 175D the most efficient engine overall throughout its lifetime.”

Florian Keiler, responsible for the business development and market launch of the MAN 175D, said customer focus was at the forefront of the overall development process.

“Time and again, we were asked to develop a high-speed engine with a true ‘MAN character’ – ie a high-speed engine that works as reliably as a medium-speed engine and which has been tailor made for maritime use,” he said.

“Throughout the development stage, we spoke to a number of customers across the whole world to get a detailed picture of their expectations and professional requirements. This feedback has been pumped directly into the development process.”

The manufacturer says the engine has been designed to be compact, robust, user-friendly and efficient.

“Simple commissioning, simple operation, simple maintenance,” said Thomas Seidl, Head of Product Line High-Speed at MAN Diesel & Turbo, summing up the engine’s design concept. “Its compact dimensions and low weight make the MAN 175D an efficient powerhouse.”

The engine’s exhaust gas after-treatment system uses the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) method and is based on the MAN technology that has undergone many thousands of hours of testing. The engine will satisfy the IMO Tier III environmental standards.