Fantasea 8 Seasons is the first of a new-generation design for Sydney's Fantasea Adventure Cruising.

Fantasea Adventure Cruising launches new cruiser

Based at Rozelle Bay, Fantasea 8 Seasons is the first of a new generation design that has been purpose-built for Sydney Harbour, providing options for weddings, corporate functions, networking events and tours.

The design from One2three provides an uninterrupted 360-degree view of Sydney Harbour, and features an innovative, electronically retractable roof. The roof opens up to enable guests to take in the stars, fireworks, and icons such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Fantasea Adventure Cruising says this feature “will take cruising the Sydney Harbour to the next level, with its enviable ‘money can’t buy’ views of the iconic Sydney skyline.”

Fantasea 8 Seasons accommodates up to 195 people with 122 seats in the main deck cabin and 78 seats in the upper deck cabin, along with two wide-screen televisions suited to broadcasting major events or professional conferencing.

Callum Campbell, the NSW General Manager of Riverside Marine, the Queensland-based marine transport group that owns the Fantasea Adventure Cruising brand, said it had stepped up its offering in Sydney to meet consumer demands.

“Fantasea Adventure Cruising is fast becoming a household name in Sydney, and our reputation for delivering excellence across everything we do has given us the opportunity to grow rapidly,” he said.

“We continuously strive to deliver high quality service that will create life-long memories for our customers, and a luxury offering like 8 Seasons definitely allows for this.”

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