AMSA confirms jurisdiction over foreign superyachts

AMSA confirms jurisdiction over foreign superyachts

Superyacht Australia, the peak body for the local superyacht industry, said its persistence in lobbying the Federal Government to make it easier for foreign flagged superyachts to come to Australia is making progress.

In a meeting held in Canberra last month, the Australian Marine Safety Authority (AMSA) told the group that while there is no separate category in the new Navigation Act for superyachts, there is the flexibility to treat these vessels appropriately, as they can either be operating commercially or recreationally. AMSA will only have jurisdiction over those operating commercially.

Superyacht Australia says it appealed to AMSA the unique nature of the industry, particularly in relation to commercial and recreational use, as in essence nothing changes except that the owner disembarks and charter clients come aboard.

“When the new Act comes into force, AMSA will have exclusive safety jurisdiction over commercial foreign flag vessels operating in our waters and we are committed to consulting with sectors such as the superyacht industry to ensure we apply appropriate standards for the level of risk,” said AMSA’s Mick Kinley.

Mary Anne Edwards, CEO Superyacht Australia said the positive outcome for visiting superyachts who wish to charter is they now only have one entity (AMSA) they must deal with in regards to safety regulations.

Pic: Andrea Francolini Photography