NEWS - BSE Maritime port to stay

BSE Maritime port to stay

Queensland ship repair specialist BSE Maritime Solutions has signed a new 40 year lease on its 3.33ha dockyard facility in Brisbane.

The riverfront site in Brisbane’s historic Cairncross marine precinct includes a marine slipway capable of docking ships up to 2500 tonnes lightship and 100m in length, and is classified as Essential Marine Industry Infrastructure.

The lease with the Port of Brisbane secures the future of the dockyard, which has serviced hundreds of vessels since it was first commissioned in 1972. BSE was initially granted a 30 year lease of the site in 1995, and since then the company has taken the initiative to develop the facility into a well respected member of the Australian ship repair industry.

According to Business Development Manager Denis Maher, “BSE is committed to enhancing customer service standards by investing in new infrastructure in strategic locations, and we recently added the iconic Cairns Slipways facility to the BSE group.

“The development of a new high-tech ship repair facility on a greenfield site in Central Queensland is also high on our list of priorities. We appreciate the needs of fleet operators working in our rapidly expanding ports, as well as the future northern deployment of additional defence vessels” he said.


  1. MV Larcom docked at BSE Maritime Solutions.
  2. New Caledonia fast ferry
  3. Colmsie dockyard