NEWS – BSE Marine Solutions aquires Cairns Slipways

NEWS - BSE Marine Solutions acquires Cairns Slipways

Almost a year after being appointed preferred tenderer, Queensland-based BSE Maritime Solutions has finalised the acquisition of the historic Cairns Slipways facility.

Cairns Slipways has been providing ship repair services to defence, luxury and commercial vessels for over 30 years, and will now be renamed BSE Cairns Slipways.

The BSE Maritime Solutions group currently operates BSE Brisbane Slipways, a ship repair facility with a 2,500-tonne slipway at Colmslie on the Brisbane River.

According to BSE’s business development manager, Denis Maher, the acquisition of Cairns Slipways will provide rapid response docking options and improved services for east coast shipping operators.

“With our two dockyards servicing the East Coast and the South Pacific region, we will have a more significant service to offer our Australian and international clients,” says Mr Maher.

“This is of particular importance to the commercial shipping sector, given the resource boom-driven expansion of fleets servicing the development of Queensland’s major ports including the Port of Gladstone.”

The BSE Cairns Slipway marine repair and refit facility has a 1,200-tonne slipway, 60m drydock, 300m of fit-out wharfage, refit sheds and a skilled work force.

“We are excited about the opportunity to be involved with such a tremendous site,” says Mr


1. Recently renamed BSE Cairns Slipways site
2. Superyacht undergoing repairs within the BSE Cairns Slipways refit shed