NEWS — New Marine Conference and Exhibition announced

NEWS - New Marine Conference and Exhibition announced

The Boating Industries Alliance Australia (BIAA) and the Marina Industries Association of Australia (MIAA) have announced the first whole-of-boating-industry conference and exhibition under the banner of Marine 13.

The MIAA said the joint venture will deliver a broad industry conference under three parallel streams: marinas, recreational boating and boating safety. The BIAA and MIAA regard the partnership as another sign of the willingness of the wider marine sectors to work cooperatively and more productively together.

Marine 13 will be held on the East Coast of Australia around April/May 2013. Final details on the location and exact time will be finalised early 2012.

BIAA chairman Darren Vaux said the announcement was an important milestone for the recreational boating sector in Australia and neighbouring regions.

“We now have the framework in place to bring all the stakeholders in the recreational boating sector together,” said Vaux.

“Held every two years, these events will be a must-do for industry and government committed to excellence in sustainable growth and improved safety outcomes for recreational boating. Through the provision of inspiration, information and education Marine 13 will address matters relating to on-water infrastructure, the needs of recreational boaters, promotion of the boating lifestyle and the delivery of safe boating,” he said.

The Australian New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group (ANZSBEG) will play an active role in development of safety content for Marine 13. ANZSBEG chair Neil Patchett said the partnership with industry was intrinsic to the successful promotion of safe and responsible boating across all jurisdictions.

MIAA president Andrew Chapman said this development was important as it will add value to the conference and exhibition for the marina sector. “We are committed to building on the strength of the marina content from previous years as well as embracing the additional benefits that come from the sharing of knowledge at a whole of industry conference,” he said.

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