NEWS — Australia and China unite in construction of ‘Yacht City’

NEWS - Australia and China unite in construction of 'Yacht City'

A new mega marina and yacht club under construction in the Chinese port city of Tianjin has been heralded as the first major co-operation between Australia and China in recreational boating.

Known as Sino Australia Royal Yacht City the project is the brainchild of Queensland company Success Group International and its managing director Les Glover.

Tianjin is the closest port to China’s capital Beijing, and the project, which includes a marina, yacht club, and marine lifestyle living and commercial precincts, is considered as an important future launching point for Australian companies into the country’s expanding recreational marine market.

To be built on a total land area of 221.7 hectares and a water area of 100 hectares, Sino Australia Royal Yacht City will be constructed over four stages, beginning with the Yacht Club and marina facilities. When complete the project will provide around 1000 marina berths alongside residential and commercial developments.

Glover, who also is chairman of the chinese company undertaking the project said: “What is exciting about this project is that Tianjin is the closest port to Beijing, so we are creating a world-class marina on the doorsteps of China’s capital and economic heart. We intend to provide a range of facilities for superyachts right down to smaller vessels.

“From an Australian perspective, we were delighted to have Australian companies involved in the initial design phases and we hope that as time goes on, we will be able to involve more Australian expertise.

“Ultimately we hope that the project can be used by Australian companies to generate boat sales into the China market,” he said.

Rendering: Artist’s impression of the new Sino Australia Royal Yacht City currently under construction at Tianjin, China.