COMMERCIAL NEWS — Wave-piercing crewboat

Commercial News - Wave-piercing Crewboat

Australian commercial-ship design firm, Incat Crowther, has been contracted to design a 28m catamaran crewboat, with wave-piercing capability, for offshore oil and gas operations support.

Incat Crowther, the original inventors of the wave-piercing catamaran, said it is developing the crewboat in conjunction with Topaz Shipbuilding for a large petroleum firm with a combination of operational requirements.

As part of the brief, the company said the operators required a monohull shaped bow that interfaced cleanly with the rig structure, while being well clear in all other areas to avoid risk of collisions and injuries. The Wave Piercer’s centre bow is said to be an ideal solution to that requirement.

“To eliminate the risk of damage to the forepeaks or having them hang up on the rig structure, the vessel’s hull bows have been configured so that they do not extend beyond the outline of the foredeck,” said Incat Crowther. “The resultant platform offers excellent functionality, while retaining the Wave Piercer’s offshore capabilities.”

The 28m crewboat features a large aft-deck with container mounts, Effer 155M deck crane and more than 50m² of usuable deck space.

Power is derived from a pair of Caterpillar C32 ACERT engines, each producing 1193kW (1622hp) at 2100rpm and driving Hamilton HM651 waterjets. Incat Crowther said the crewboat’s service speed will be 28kts, with a maximum of 30kts.

Incat Crowther says its commitment to continual evolution and improvement in its products has allowed the company to develop this unique design to meet its client’s specific requirements.

28m Wave Piercing Catamaran Crewboat

Material: Marine-grade aluminium
Type: Catamaran
Length overall: 27.6m
Beam: 23m
Draft: 1.4m (hull)
Depth: 3.2m
Fuel: 10,000lt
Water: 5000lt
Holding tank: 5000lt
Passengers: 36
Crew: 5
Engines: 2 x Caterpillar C32 ACERT
Rated kW/HP: 1193/1622 at 2100rpm
Service speed: 28kts

For more info, phone (02) 9450 0447

Images: Artist’s renderings of the Incat Crowther designed 28m wave-piercing catamaran crewboat.