New Chairman to Lead Marina Industries


The Marina Industries Association of Australia (MIAA) has appointed a new chairman of the peak industry’s Board of Directors — Andrew Chapman, CEO of The Marina Hindmarsh Island in South Australia. Chapman has been a director of the MIAA since 2005 and involved in marina planning, construction and management since 1984.

At the October 1 board meeting, Chapman thanked the outgoing chairman, Jeff d’Albora, for his exceptional leadership and capacity to translate words into action.

“The MIAA Board and the wider industry wish to thank Jeff for the most amazing seven
years of rebuilding the MIAA.
Without his energy, commitment, drive and pulling everybody together there would be no MIAA and the industry wouldn’t be in the position we are today,” said Chapman.

“Thanks to his leadership, MIAA now represents 85 per cent of the professional club and commercial marinas in Australia and has successful education and environmental programs in place. MIAA is leading the way with industry promotion, research and policy development, and our membership owe Jeff d’Albora a deep debt of gratitude for this,” he said.

d’Albora said it has been a tremendous honour and privilege to chair the MIAA, and he looks forward to remaining an active member of the Board.

MIAA executive officer, Colin Bransgrove said: “In working for numerous industry association boards over the last 25 years, Jeff is clearly the most dedicated chairman that I have ever encountered. His ongoing participation in no less than five MIAA working committees is further evidence of his passion and commitment to the marina industries.”

Chapman said he is looking forward to working with the board to build on the programs established by the MIAA. These include the recently launched Gold Anchor rating scheme, the very successful Clean Marina program and the ground breaking marinas economic value study.

“These and the other MIAA programs are all contributing to the sustainability of our industry and it is critical that industry builds its investment in the MIAA. MIAA will also look to strengthen partnerships with government to achieve mutually agreeable goals such as more employment and solid research to underpin government and private sector investment,” said Chapman.

Photo: MIAA Chairman Andrew Chapman.