Input Needed on Commercial Craft

Input Needed on Commercial Craft

Have your say on an Issues Paper for the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) Part C, Section 1 – Arrangement, Accommodation and Personal Safety

You are invited to comment on this Issues Paper which is the precursor of a new national standard for the arrangement, accommodation and personal safety requirements on board commercial vessels.

NSCV C1 – Arrangement, Accommodation and Personal Safety replaces and updates relevant provisions in Subsections 5E and 5F and Sections 6,7 and 18 of the USL Code.

Issues raised include:

o application of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conference Conventions

o guard rails and bulwarks

o sanitary arrangements

o escapes and evacuation routes

o minimum deck heights and deck area requirements

o protection of persons

o berthing of persons

o seating for passengers

o gangways for safe movement on and off the vessel

o dangerous machinery

o ventilation, lighting and habitability

o noise levels on board vessels

o field of vision from the operating compartment

o access for disabled passengers

You can comment on the content of the issues paper or raise issues on standards for Arrangement, Accommodation and Personal Safety that you think should be addressed but have not been raised in the issues paper. The issues paper proposes a number of specific questions, your views on which would also be gratefully received.

Document: To obtain a copy of the NSCV C1 Issues Paper, please contact the NMSC Secretariat on [02[ 9247 2124 or visit website:

Closing date: The public comment period closes on Friday 15 May 2009