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Boat Review: Quintrex 540 Top Ender

Dive into the world of Quintrex 540 Top Ender — a perfect blend of power, precision, and versatility for any fishing enthusiast.

The Quintrex 540 Top Ender is an open side console boat with the handling, ride, safety and performance to fish inshore and in open bays and choppy water. 

For many years now, the Quintrex Top Ender side console boat range has been popular with anglers. These sturdy pressed alloy boats combine an open-deck fishing layout and elevated front casting deck with a deep-sided vee-monohull bottom for rival-beating performance.

The Top Ender’s vee-monohull is not just any old hull either — but the renowned Quintrex Blade hull with its variable deadrise, concave-shaped vee bottom, paired with spray-suppressing flared bow topsides.

Revamped and upgraded just recently, the latest Quintrex Top Ender range encompasses seven models stretching between 4.3 and 5.9 metres in length.

You can also choose between Standard and Pro versions — the latter outfitted with a range of options that most buyers will add to the package anyway. 

The advantage with buying the Pro version is that the cost of the extra features on the Pro works out to be cheaper than if you itemised them on the standard boat individually.

That said the standard model is the best choice for budget boaters — and for those anglers who don’t want all the features that come with the Top Ender Pro. 

For this review we have a standard Quintrex 540 Top Ender, albeit one that has been heavily optioned — and rigged with a maximum power Suzuki 140hp four-stroke outboard engine

Build and construction

The Quintrex 540 Top Ender has an overall length of 5.68m, a hull length of 5.4m and a maximum beam of 2.3m. 

The hull has smooth ‘plate-look’ alloy topsides made using 3mm thick pressed aluminium, along with a 4mm pressed alloy hull bottom and transom. 

A full-length keel, welded lateral cross ribs, corner gussets and bracing struts provide the boat with inherent strength and rigidity.

Internally, the boat has a plywood floor, carpeted for weather protection and to provide decent grip underfoot. 

Notably, the hatch lids inside the boat are all carpeted on both sides for protection against mildew and rot.

Interior layout

Inside the Top Ender there is a large, elevated front fishing deck, a compact side console helm station and a full-depth, high-sided aft cockpit with a flat, 2.43m long carpeted floor.

The carpeted front deck is 1.47m long with a maximum width of 1.68m. 

The front deck is elevated 415mm above the main cockpit floor — which allows for a very large storage compartment beneath it, complete with a carpeted false-floor.

This storage space can be optioned with a huge transverse live well for competition fishing. 

For recreational fishing, however, the plumbed port side transom live bait tank should do the job nicely.

Our test boat was optioned with a port side welded bow trolling motor plate upon which was mounted an optional Minn Kota 80lb thrust Ulterra 60in 24V i-Pilot electric trolling motor.

The dual deep cycle batteries to run the Minn Kota were secured nearby in a poly plastic storage bin — just aft of the open bow anchorwell and bowsprit. 

Another cool option on our test rig was a full-length, lockable, carpeted horizontal rod locker beneath the side deck coaming on the port side. 

Other notable features include the optional starboard side transom door, optional alloy bait board, the four included plastic rod holders, a pair of sub-floor plastic storage bins and corner scuppers for the cockpit drainage system. 

At the helm

The Top Ender has a narrow, single-person-wide alloy side console that is wrapped in carpet and then topped with a moulded plastic fascia panel, a tinted windshield and a very useful grab rail.

The front fascia is large enough to flush-fit a 12in display, although our test boat was fitted with an optional Lowrance HDS9 Pro fish finder/chartplotter. 

The helm console also has space for the Suzuki engine gauge, the switch panel and for the head units for the optional Fusion sound system and GME VHF radio.

An enclosed glovebox provides safe storage for car keys, mobile phones, and so on.

The sports steering wheel and side-mounted throttle are comfortably within reach of the skipper when seated — and when standing up. 

Our test boat was optioned with a pair of comfortable Bass Sport pedestal chairs in lieu of the standard Angler Sport models. 

The helm and passenger chairs can be moved to four different locations within the boat; there are two floor pedestal sockets aft, one amidships and a fourth up on the casting deck. 

Power and performance

The 540 Top Ender is rated for a single, longshaft (20in) outboard engine to a maximum of 140hp — but the boat will perform well with 100–115hp. 

For optimum engine response, mid-range grunt and agility, however, I would be opting for the maximum power motor as our test boat was good fun to drive and quick. 

With a Suzuki DF140B bolted to the transom, our test rig zoomed across the Gold Coast Broadwater to average a top speed of 36 knots at 6150rpm. 

That’s plenty quick enough for recreational fishing applications … and for social tow sports.

Interestingly, Suzuki’s DF140B now comes with a device to collect microplastic waste from seawater using the engine’s cooling system. 

A filter is installed on the cooling system return line to catch/collect particles of plastic waste before this filtered water is cycled back out of the engine. 

Handling and ride

The Quintrex variable deadrise Blade hull beneath the Top Ender works a treat, especially in rougher conditions. 

Developed and refined over several decades now, the Blade hull is particularly good in short, sharp chop, the very fine bow entry shape cleaving easily through waves … while also shedding water out and away from the hull. 

The 540 Top Ender is also stable at rest, well mannered in a following sea, nicely balanced on a fore and aft axis and responsive to engine trim at speed.  

All the handling and ride bases have been covered with the Quintrex 540 Top Ender — it’s an excellent boat for both novice and experienced boaters and fishermen. 

The wrap

The Quintrex 540 Top Ender is a ripper fishing boat and a great all-rounder, suitable for rough water, remote creeks and everything in between. 

This second-to-largest Top Ender model is compact enough to take inland to fish the dams and impoundments, yet large, safe and seaworthy enough to fish coastal offshore waters.

The 540 Top Ender is also pretty decent value for money with entry package prices starting from just over $60k at Surf Coast Marine on the Gold Coast.

Sea trials


*Sea trial data supplied by the author. Fuel range figures calculated leaving 5 per cent in reserve.


Boat type
Pressed alloy side console vee-monohull
Length overall
Topsides alloy
Bottom and transom alloy
Hull weight
Weight on trailer
Maximum power
Maximum engine weight
Power as tested
Suzuki 140hp four-stroke outboard
Maximum persons

Supplied by Surf Coast Marine.

Quintrex 540 Top Ender price from: $61,990 (Including Suzuki 115hp + Quintrex trailer) 

Options included

  • Thruster bracket bow mount
  • Horizontal port side rod locker
  • Transom door
  • Lowrance HDS9 Pro multi-function display
  • GME GX750B VHF radio
  • Fusion RA60 sound system
  • Dual batteries with isolate switch
  • Seat upgrade from Angler Sport to Bass Sport
  • Trailer catch and release
  • Trailer spare wheel
  • Console rod holders
  • Alloy bait cutting board
  • Minn Kota 80lb Ulterra 60” 24V i-Pilot trolling motor 
  • Trolling motor quick-release mount
  • Dual deep cycle batteries for trolling motor
  • 60A circuit breaker
  • Marinco plug and socket 70A
  • Custom boat wrap
  • Sand anchor and inshore safety gear kit
  • QLD boat and trailer registrations

Quintrex 540 Top Ender price as tested: $85,800 (Including Suzuki 140hp + Quintrex trailer)


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