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Lagoon Catamarans: Sustainable Excellence

Environmental sustainability has become an important part of boat development and design, and the team at Lagoon Catamarans understands this.

For many manufacturers, placing solar panels on a model is the greatest effort made towards sustainability. Lagoon does things differently and this is clear throughout its entire product development and manufacturing process.

Lagoon Sales Director-Asia Pacific, Guillaume Andrebe, said sustainability must involve the entire product life cycle. Several years ago, the company set five priorities to help achieve this goal. They are: the achievement of recognised environmental certification; use of sustainable raw materials; encouragement of eco-responsible solutions on board; development of hybrid propulsion; and support of sustainable initiatives.

Mr Andrebe said the research and development (R&D) team is a significant part of this process.

“Our woodwork comes from FSC-certified forests and the upholstery is made entirely from recycled materials. As for the composites, our R&D department continues to work on improvements to use environmentally friendly raw materials, while keeping the quality and reliability of our boat as a priority.”

This extensive R&D work extends to the use of electric propulsion.

“As pioneers in the field, with the launch of the Lagoon 420 Hybrid back in 2006, our R&D department is continuing its work to find the right solution, which will allow us to offer electric propulsion on our boats, without affecting their capacity to cruise all around the world,” Mr Andrebe said.

Sustainability has many rewards for boat owners. Lagoon is working towards making boats more and more autonomous. The L51 has a new solar panel solution that means seafarers can run their boats exclusively on solar energy. The company is also working on a water purifying system and broader energy efficiency across the vessel.

As well as sustainability, Lagoon has retained its strong focus on comfort and style. The company partners with world-renowned naval architecture group VPLP, exterior designer Patrick Le Quement, and interior design company Nauta Design to ensure its high standards are met.

Lagoon 51Lagoon 51

Another key priority for Lagoon is safety. Beneteau has 140 years of knowledge on this subject, placing the group in a credible and qualified position to pioneer new safety solutions. According to Mr Andrebe, boats are designed to ensure the circulation onboard is easy and safe.

“We have experts in many fields such as electricity, rigging, plumbing and more, who check every single boat that comes out of production to ensure everything has been done correctly before handing the boat over to the client.”

Lagoon has a firm commitment to sustainability, and this vision is carried out with a dual focus on user experience and comfort. Boat owners have a range of dealers and service centres to choose from worldwide, and the company continues to make ground-breaking inroads in development without comprising on comfort, style, or seaworthiness.

Lagoon’s ongoing R&D activity means that exciting new solutions and models are on the horizon. The key message here is to watch this space!


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