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First Silent-Yachts new flagship unit sold

After its debut at the 2021 Cannes Yachting Festival, Silent-Yachts has sold the first SILENT 100 Explorer, scheduled for delivery in 2023.

The Austrian-based manufacturer’s new model is a four-deck vessel with a solar-electric drive train to preserve ocean cleanliness and to also reduce noise levels. 

With worldwide cruising capabilities, the yacht designed by Marco Casali measures 31 metres with a beam of 13.62m and its solar cells provide up to 40kWp of battery bank capacity up to 800kWh.

Michael Kohler, Silent-Yachts founder and CEO said there is plenty of family-friendly space onboard, with the sale highlighting the market’s interest in the comfort of catamarans and solar energy for propulsion and household appliance needs.

“Clients are free to customise the arrangement according to personal preference. Do you want a gym or media room, a larger VIP suite or a country kitchen on the main deck? No problem. The flexibility of the catamaran configuration means we can meet most requests,” he said.

Alongside five ensuite guest cabins, a full-beam master with private office, a spacious salon and dining area and more, the SILENT 100 Explorer has an extra deck and much more space both outdoors and in comparison to the SILENT 80.

It has twin 230kW at 700rpm electric motors, it has an economic speed of 6–8 knots, a cruising speed of 10kt and a top speed of 14–16kt, and two or three diesel generators for back-up auxiliary power.

The rendering of the back of the SILENT 100 Explorer 

In theory, the SILENT 100 Explorer has unlimited range due to its solar energy being completely renewable, meaning the vessel continues the shift to cleaner yachts at sea into the future.

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