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Review: Saxdor 200

With Euro heritage and cutting-edge styling, the affordably-priced Saxdor 200 is a very seductive little number

Boat design in the southern hemisphere has changed over time but not as drastically as most manufacturers try to maintain. That is to say, they've maintained an acceptable balance between yesteryear and the future, without going over the top. There have been notable changes to hull designs to improve efficiency, and top decks have become a lot more innovative and ergonomic. 

We then move to the northern hemisphere, and that’s a whole other story – particularly with smaller powerboats up to the 38ft mark. In my opinion, when it comes to futuristic and brave design, these guys are the leaders and no doubt cater to a vastly different market. 

Saxdor Boats is one of the latest Euro boat brands to hit Aussie shores and has done so with quite a bang thanks to distributor The Adventure Boat Company. It also distributes the imported XO boats, which at a glance both look remarkably similar in design to a number of other European designs. To cut a long story short, that’s due to Sakari Mattila being the original designer and founder of Saxdor along with the award-winning boat brands Axopar, Paragon, Aquador and the XO Boats.

So, what’s the special deal about this new brand of Saxdor boats/yachts? The concept behind Saxdor Yachts is to make the next generation of affordable boats, sporting modern styling with the latest technology and an affordable price – let’s take a closer look at the new Saxdor 200. 

At a glance, this Euro weapon is far from the common Aussie tinny or glass designed boat you see in our creeks or bays; these boats will get you a look and comment from everyone. They are aesthetically unique with a cutting-edge bow that blends into spaceship-like lines. I must say it's growing on me and I quite like the style now. My first impression was to call the Saxdor 200 a cross between a PWC and boat, without knowing they claim it to be exactly that.

The layouts are pretty standard on its entry level model, however, it does have a few unique additions. One such feature being the full front cast deck / sun lounger that's hinged with gas struts and opens up to either colossal storage for gear, or converts to a camp bed with the optional tent fixtures.  

The console is stylishly shaped to match the surrounds and has a nice wide dash panel to suit twin 9in units and gauges. The test boat sported the new Mercury Vessel View, an app linking the motor to your smartphone. For me, it works well, but I would still prefer having at least one GPS/sonar unit and the vessel view as an extra. 


There’s a small open storage pouch below and a basic Fusion sound system included, as well as recessed steering helm, side mount control and innovative height-adjustable screen. The screen being adjustable is a great idea, and particularly so for storage. However, I would prefer a grab-rail option to protect the screen as I could see someone breaking it at some stage. Like all boats, there’s a plethora of options available to trick the boat up. In this case I would most certainly add the T-top to avoid the Aussie sun.  

You then have triple jet ski-styled sport seats with front grab handles, with big storage below. Again, another unique design that's well suited to the sporty intentions of the Saxdor 200. This seating configuration also suits the centred steering and side mount control. However, with the side-by-side seating options it would be nice to have the option of off-centred steering with centred binnacle control. 

The gunwales on the 200 are squared off to suit the design and have an interesting drop in the mid-ships. This section has an optional clear infill, again to suit the modern styling and design. 

Soft Seadek flooring is nice feature on the main deck, with the decks being extremely fast self-draining – particularly so with the open transom design. Surprisingly, there’s no water flow into the boat when at rest and you have to give it a hefty reverse into chop to get water onto the rear deck. This design definitely suits easy access on and off the boat. With small kids onboard I would prefer this closed up as we do have quite choppy waters locally. I did spot a transom infill of sorts on one of its other models and that would be perfect to add.

When it came to putting it through its paces on the water, the little Saxdor 200 is impressive to say the least. Fitted with the Mercury 100hp four-stroke, I wasn’t expecting lighting performance by any means. That perception was proved wrong as soon as I opened up the throttle. The Saxdor 200's lightweight triple-stepped hull design comes into play immediately, with the 100hp pushing out some decent performance figures. The hole-shot is not wild but nippy enough with 20mph achieved in 5.9 seconds, the mid-range acceleration is nice and responsive, and at wide open throttle this little beast kicks out a healthy 31 knots. These Mercs are smooth and quiet and definitely growing on me fast.

Economy is also worth a mention and these stepped hulls seem to radically assist with efficiency. On the plane at just under 3000rpm you sip away at a mere 9-10L per hour. At full taps, the fuel burn is a gentle sip at 32L per hour. 

For those chasing a bit more horsepower, the 115 option in standard four-stroke or Pro XS would be ideal. Interestingly, the Saxdor 200 is rated to 175hp, however, your person capacity onboard would reduce due to the extra motor weight. With the 100hp you can throw this thing around into big turns — I thrashed it through a few trawlers’ wakes, tried to get prop slip, but failed to find any major faults in the ride. It’s a fun boat to drive and feels really safe on the water with the 100hp. So, in my opinion I'm going to say that 115hp would be ample, and with 150-175hp, you'd have an absolute animal. 


To sum it up, the Saxdor 200 Sport has been nominated for the Motorboat International Motorboat Awards 2021, along with its nomination for European Powerboat of the Year, and it won the European Best of Boats Awards – so clearly it's a hit in the northern hemisphere. 

How about locally? They can’t seem to keep up with sales and orders and I'm not surprised as they are unique with a good finish throughout.

I like the look, they provide a nice mix between jetski fun and standard boating, they would be an awesome tender boat option to a superyacht plus family boat alike, and at the entry level price of $55,000 they are reasonable value for money. 

In the future we might see a jet-drive option from these guys, so that would most certainly take this hull to next level. 



$54,995 (boat show special)


Base model – Jockey Seating, 100hp Mercury four-stroke, front deck cushions, mooring package, basic Fusion entertainment pack.



Options include: Blue/tangerine upholstery, Mercury 115hp 4-stroke, Targa Arch T Top, side-by-side seating, front deck cushions, mooring package, Simrad G09 GPS/sonar


Type: Powerboat (semi-bowrider)

Material: GRP

Length: 6m (19ft 8in)

Beam: 2.3m (7ft 6in)

Weight: 780kg (hull only)

Deadrise: 22.5 degrees at the transom


People: 6

Berths: 2 (with optional Saxdor Camper Style Tent)

Rec. HP: 115hp

Max. HP: 175hp

Fuel: 110L

Water raw: N/A

Water fresh: N/A


Make/model: Mercury 100hp 

Type: Eight-valve single overhead cam (SOHC) Inline 4

Weight: 165kg

Displacement: 2.1L

Gear ratio: 2.38


Saxdor Yachts Finland


The Adventure Boat Company

235 Spit Rd, Mosman NSW 2088

W: wadventureboats.com.au

Facebook: Adventure Boats Australia

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