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Spotlight: Fjord 44 Coupe

Climb Every Mountain, Fjord Every Stream

In the traditional world of seafaring style, designs have a tendency to mirror one another, while marinas take on a copy and paste feel. Luckily, for those who prefer modernity over monocracy, Fjord continue to translate current-day aesthetics into water-borne wonders, hammering the point home with the release of the 44 Coupe.

The open layout is capped by an all-glass arc-saloon (air conditioned, thankfully) that merges inside and out with an organic flourish. Large sliding doors flow fore and aft, while windows and transparent roof panels can be opened with the push of a button. In fact, just about every one of the mod-cons loaded onto this floating freedom-machine can be operated with a single finger – including the engine controls and navigation systems, which are accessed through a series of intuitive touch screens.

The lower-level can be built with a spacious twin cabin, en suite and plenty of storage, or the storage space can be sacrificed to squeeze in another cabin for two singles. Either way, there are ample drawers and compartments to stash ocean-going gear. Colours and finishes are fully customisable, both inside and out, to ensure that each and every build reflects its owner to a T.

As nice as the insides may be, the cockpit, foredeck and swim platform are just as irresistible. The cockpit features a table that's surrounded by cushy seats, which can be rearranged to form a spacious sun-lounge. A refrigerated drawer beneath the lounge will remain within arm's reach when the sun hits its peak, and both the rear and fore can be shaded by Biminis if those UV rays get a little too hot to handle.

If the next-gen looks aren't enough to wax your deck, never fear, the 44 Coupe is more than just a pretty pontoon. The engine room can be fitted with either twin Volvo IPS 500 or 600 engines, which can be coaxed to give respective outputs of 30 and 36 knots. By far the best thing about the design is that it allows its owner to enjoy comfortable powerboating all year round, whatever the weather. There's no denying that more time on the water is always a good thing. 

Fjord 44 Coupe
LENGTH (overall) 13.45m
BEAM 4.25m
DRAFT 1.14m
ENGINE 2 × Volvo IPS 500 or 600