Boat Review: Stabicraft 2400 Supercab

The Stabicraft 2400 Supercab is an all-new design from the keel up. With bluewater fishing in mind, this pontoon-style aluminium fishing boat falls into the gap between the larger Stabicraft 2600 and its smaller sister the 2100.

It is a terrific size for a serious boater, with an all-up wet tow weight of around 2700kg making it a viable proposition for those equipped with a popular three-ton capacity mid-range four-wheel-drive tow vehicle.

Stabicraft 2400 Supercab

The Stabicraft 2400 Supercab strikes a terrific balance between work areas, deck space, ergonomic layout and comfortable cabin space. All enriched by the comforting Supercab signature of maximum comfort in good weather and bad. The low centre of balance of the Stabicraft deck adds to the security of the high gunwales, but also contributes to the superb stability of the positive buoyancy hull design.

This new Stabicraft 2400 replaces the original Stabicraft 659 and later 2250 G3 models. She’s stacked full of new features such as the Arrow Pontoon hull and the Game Chaser Transom.

The pontoons have reformed the hull and shoulders to greatly reduce hull slap and provide a smoother entry, particularly in cross-sea conditions. The Game Chaser Transom sees the hull plates extended all the way to the back of the engine pod, essentially extending the running surface of the hull, so it rides like a larger boat.

The extra buoyancy at the transom also assists twin-engine fitups, but in this case our local dealer MY Marine had opted for the smooth running and gutsy power of the 250hp Honda “Silver Bullet” four-stroke outboard. In simple terms this thing goes like a cut cat, punches the big hull onto the plane effortlessly and idles like a purring kitten.

Family Boat

I was really glad we were able to spend two days on the Stabicraft 2400 Supercab, including one with MY Marine owner Michael Rozakis and his family.

Four of us moved around the boat unimpeded by each other’s presence, including when the excitement grew upon finding a nice patch of calamari.

Michael’s youngster Isaac was well and truly confined by the coamings, and yet could see all that was happening and even fish off the rear quarter seat unassisted. When it was time to get out of the hot sun, he and mother Meni rested in the large and comfortable vee-berth. The bunk infill completes this berth and you could easily overnight in an idyllic waterway.

While the Supercab doesn’t have a galley or sink, we had no problems cooking lunch over a portable gas stove, although Stabi can provide full camper options including a fully enclosed and lockable cabin.

Layout and design

The ergonomics of the driving and passenger positions are very good, as is the layout, with all instruments and controls easily read and accessible. There’s an optional pair of Softrider pedestals with comfortable bolsters on full swivels, plus big, sliding side windows as standard.

There’s a ton of storage in the under-floor killtanks, under-bunk compartments and sidepockets, while an enclosed battery and switch gear compartment is up high off the floor in the transom.

The big, wide gunwales make an inviting seating option and came in very handy when boarding from an elevated pier.

There’s a fold-down seat either side of the transom that double as steps and MY Marine selected the optional rubber tube mat over the checkerplate floor, as well as a large icebox with padded lid.

Overhead, the hardtop is a beauty. I climbed around the sides and up on top to get some photos and was impressed by the strength. The walkways are a little narrow but it’s hard to say how often they’d be used when there’s a hatch in the cabin-top to reach the front deck.

You’ll also find solid handrails, nav lights, aerials either side, an eight-rod rocket launcher, optional LED spotlight and a large reverse gutter on the hardtop in case an unexpected wave comes over the top.

The full cabin lining is extended right out to the underside of the hardtop for a very pleasing finish and there is cabin lighting and handles everywhere for passenger security.

Out on the front deck we found a Maxwell HRC-8 windlass, welded bowsprit and a full one-piece bowrail.

I fell in love with the Superfish Transom Box at the stern. It has a split cutting board that doubles as lid for the fully-plumbed livebait tank. This tank came in handy keeping the fresh squid.

Handling and ride

The one thing that impressed me greatly from the extended reviewing I did was the Stabicraft 2400 Supercab’s adaptability to a range of speeds. The big hull shows very little transition to plane and there’s minimal bow rise as she climbs out of the hole.

At one stage we travelled 13km in small chop with Meni and Isaac still resting in the bow, proof of this boat’s pleasing ride attributes. But when it comes time to boogie she absolutely rockets through a number of power bands to a top speed of just under 43kts – and that’s on a four-stroke that wasn’t run in and with a load of four people, plus around 200lt of fuel.

The Stabi just loved it at 4500rpm where there’s loads of grunt and a really confident note, delivering a swift 30kts at an economical 34lt/h – a great speed for a quick run to the shelf in good conditions.

The Trade-a-Boat verdict

Over the course of two days of reviewing, I belted the Stabicraft 2400 Supercab through a very unfriendly Port Phillip Heads in The Rip and jumped over some sloppy pressure waves next to Corsair Reef.

I also cruised, dined, fished, slept, swam and generally took the time to fully appreciate just how wonderful life on a boat can be — especially when that boat is the Stabicraft 2400 Supercab. 


• Big, strong and gutsy

• Ripper engine

• Very fishable

• Enclosed hardtop

• High-sided work area

• Low centre of balance


• Should’ve caught more squid!

Stabicraft 2400 Supercab sea trials

Single 250hp Honda BF250 outboard motor with four passengers


SPEED (kts)

FUEL BURN (lt/h)



















6000 (WOT)



Stabicraft 2400 Supercab price: $139,000

Price as tested


Washdown pump kit, tube floor mat, boarding ladder, gunwale handrails, windscreen wiper, windscreen washer kit, fabric cabin squabs, upholstered bolster seats, Softrider pedestals, full two-tone paint, Garmin GPSMAP 1020xs, VHF radio, Fusion MS-IP600 stereo, and Ritchie compass




MATERIAL Plate aluminium

TYPE Pontoon-style monohull aluminium fishing boat


BEAM 2.3m

WEIGHT 2400kg (BMT dry)




REC. HP 200

REC. Max HP 250

FUEL 300lt


MAKE/MODEL Honda BF250 outboard motor

TYPE V6 four-stroke petrol outboard motor


WEIGHT 278kg

PROPELLER Three-blade 18in Solas


Stabicraft Marine

345 Bluff Highway, Invercargill, Southland

PHONE +64 3 211 1828



MY Marine

Corner Nepean Highway and Ponderosa Place, Dromana, Victoria, Australia

Phone (03) 5987 0900


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