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Who can advertise on the site?

Private sellers and Licensed Dealers can become account holders within the Trade a Boat by signing up via the online form here.

For private sellers, advertising starts from $49 per listing independent of the selling price.  Your listing stays active until you mark it as sold.

For Dealers and Manufacturers, the starting price is $150 per month for unlimited leads and listings.

How do I update my product details?

1 - Log into account.
2 - Find your listing on your seller dashboard.

3 - Click on the green button to edit your listing.

4 - Follow the onscreen prompts to update various aspects of the listing, price will be available on the second screen.

5 - Follow the prompts by pressing "Continue" and making adjustments as you see fit until the last step where the main button changes from "Continue" to  "Save"

6 - Press save and your listing will be updated in a few seconds. 

How do I remove my ad from the site?

1 - Log into your account (using your email address and password used for the account creation). 

2 - Find your listing on your seller dashboard under my ads.

3 - Click the blue button to mark your item as sold.

General Enquiries

Ph: +617 3340 0000 

Email: info@emprisegroup.com.au



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Email: content@emprisegroup.com.au


Ph: +612 8227 6486 

Email: subscriptions@emprisegroup.com.au


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Email: AGHPartnerships@emprisegroup.com.au