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Over more than 30 years, Trade-a-Boat has been a must-buy boating title. Affectionately called The Boat-Buyer’s Bible and the Book of Dreams, Trade-a-boat teams new and used boats for sale with expert editorial. Together, it is a valuable resource and research tool, and a pleasure to read.

New editor, Jeff Strang, understands that maintaining credibility is essential to the magazine’s success.

“It’s a very educated audience here in Australia,” Jeff said. “Our readers are serious about boating and know the subject well. In fact, prior to my appointment, I used Trade-a-Boat to research and eventually purchase my Lotus 10.6, Gilt Cutless,” he said.

It is the sort of experience that proves the value of the publication and allows the team to fine tune the presentation of the material to meet the reader’s demands.

Trade a Boat has established a core team of boat-owner contributors. Our writers go boating for work and pleasure. All our crew own boats, are experts in their fields, and believers.

So we don’t need to gush, we can tell the reader the truth when we test a boat, write about new gear, share our DIY secrets. Our writers write with absolute authority and this is what makes our editorial.

The website is home to an abundance of industry news and reviews, the website also supports more than 100 video packages, has its own picture gallery where a visitor can upload images of their pride-and-joy. Together with all this, there are competitions, download pages and you can even sell your boat. It also has a direct mail database of 8000-plus who receive regular marine news updates direct to their email box and social media channels including Facebook andTwitter.

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